Deer Hunting

Eastern Ontario has long been known as a hidden gem for trophy whitetails. We have several properties that we lease and manage for mature bucks where we maintain a minimum 8 point rule allowing our bucks to reach at least 2.5 years of age before harvest. Our goal is to shoot mature bucks of 3.5 years or older but rather than asking our clients to be proficient at aging deer, we simply stick to an antler restriction of a GOOD 8 point or bigger. To date, our clients and I have been very happy with this system.

About Deer & Turkey Hunting with ECO

Property 1
Montague twp, Lanark Cty

This property is mainly a cedar swamp with old cattle pastures on the front quarter of the property.

We have a mix of permanent tree stands, ground blinds and ladder stands strategically placed throughout the property. This property really turns on when the temperatures drop and snow hits the ground as it is a known yarding area for the surrounding population of deer. Our biggest buck taken on this property was a 155″ twelve point. Several 8-10 point bucks have been harvested in the 120″-150″ range.

The camp is rustic but comfortable and sleeps 6. A wood stove for heat, generator for electricity and propane bbq and cookstove are included. Pricing and stipulations for camp rental detailed below.

New for 2021, we will be offering this property as 2×250 acre parcels with a minimum of 3 hunters to book each side.  Groups of 5 or 6 will take the entire 500 acres for their hunt.

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Other Properties
WMU's 64a, 66 & 67

Near Smiths Falls, Kemptville, and Perth, Ontario

We have several smaller properties in prime areas ranging from 100 to 250 acres for groups smaller than 3 people. These properties are given the same attention to detail as our 2 larger properties and share similar success rates and big bucks!  Give us a call and we’ll be sure to get you set up from A to Z!

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Deer Management
A Hidden Gem for Trophy Whitetails

Semi guided means the stands are set, shooting lanes cleared and mineral licks and baiting has been done for the hunters well in advance. When hunters arrive in camp, we will show you all the stands and provide you a map of the area. Bait will also be provided to last you the duration of the week. Other than being available to help you if required and checking in every few days, the hunters will be on their own to get to and from the stands, track and clean deer etc.

Our fully guided hunts include a guide to assist in transporting clients to and from the stands, deciding which stands will be hunted, tracking, gutting and hanging deer etc. Our guides can even sit in the stand and call or video for the hunter if desired. Whatever experience you are looking for or if you think you need a hand, we’re there to do what we can to make your trip enjoyable and successful! All properties are within a 15 minute drive of towns where all amenities can be found. Our locations are in Wildlife Management Units 64A, 66 & 67 approximately 45 minutes southwest of Ottawa or 1 hour north of the Canadian/American border at the Alexandria Bay/Thousand Islands bridge.

Deer Hunt Packages
Pricing & Details

All Hunting Packages include pre-baited stand sites.

8 pt Minimun buck harvest

Apply in WMU 64A or 67 for doe permits


Archery / Rifle / Muzzle Loader:

  • $5000 USD plus taxes, up to 4 hunters including accommodations and pre set blinds/stands

Fully Guided Options:

  • Add $1500 for 6 days per group for fully guided deer hunts.

*Prices do not include licenses, taxes or gratuities. 

The Fine Print

  • Semi guided includes pre baited locations wtih treestands or ground blinds. For fully guided deer or moose hunts, add $1500 for 7 days per group.
  • Pricing does not include taxes, licenses, permits or gratuities.
  • *A 50% non refundable deposit is required to book all trips and must be paid by cash, e-transfer or cheque with the remainder due in cash, certified cheque or e-transfer upon arrival.